Thursday, June 4, 2009


I am sitting in our study typing this as Connor is bawling his eyes out in the playpen next to me. He has pulled himself up and is clutching onto the top rail of the playpen for dear life with great big tears rolling down his cheeks.

I am exhausted. He has been extremely cranky this week and is having one Goldilocks moment after another. That is, he can't decide what he wants to do. He'll beg to be picked up and then when I do pick him up, he wants to go down and explore some more. But if I put him down, he'll scream the place down.

Last night was a Goldilocks night. He would wake up in the middle of the night crying and nothing I did would calm him down because Connor couldn't decide what he wanted me to do. Dear Hubby finally got up and went to sleep in another room so that he could get some rest. I don't have that option. Whether I'm tired or not, I'm stuck with the baby. His reasoning is that he needs to get to work the next day. What... I don't work? He thinks I just lounge around all day with the baby? If anything, I work longer hours than he does because my "job" is 24/7... it's not a 9-5 thing with paid holidays.

So I'm taking some time out now for my sanity. Just five minutes to type this before I go back and start all over again with him.

Any mums have any ideas, I'm all ears.

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  1. Oh dear I know it very well... They get better and better in making all kind of loud noises and drive you crazy. Literally. I very often don't have the patience for anything! When you have a baby you have all those dreams about how it will be with you and your baby and then... well, we do our best! But you live in Jakarta, right? Can't you find a nanny? I found one here in India and god bless her. She is not taking him the whole day, but just two or three hours. Sometimes a little more, but my boy is older than yours. It is just so nice so have a shower without having to rush so much, to have lunch in a quiet environment, to be able to go to the gym, have a nap or stuff like that. That would give you a little time everyday for yourself... In Denmark we don't have nannies like here, we have daycare/playschool and that works fine, too :-)