Sunday, June 7, 2009

Baby Safety Helmet: Keeping Connor's head safe

When I first saw the baby safety helmet online, I thought it was a good idea but also thought it was a little too much. Kiasu betul! After all, bumps and bruises are all part of growing up, aren't they? I still sport a little scar on my knee, courtesy of some BMX stunt gone wrong in my childhood. So I thought I'd just have to chill once Connor starts getting bumps himself.

But after my one and only precious son fell off the bed, I started to think about investing in one. Later, after having Connor bump into various corners and hard surfaces, Dear Hubby suggested one morning, "Think we should buy the helmet you saw online that day?" Comforting a tearful Connor in my arms, I thought it was a splendid idea and placed an order right away before he changed his mind. :))

We bought it from an online store in Singapore called Cuties Juniors. The helmet's made of foam and is intended to absorb the shock and protect your baby's head. Just put it on your bub's head and tie the straps under his chin to secure it. Ta-dah!

Their service was excellent. I placed the order late morning and we got a reply by early afternoon confirming the order. We had opted to pick up the product in person and phone numbers were exchanged. Dear Hubby was very impressed that they arrived early at the meet point. We handed over the cash and got the product and the contact person insisted we check the product thoroughly and were satisfied with its condition before he bade us goodbye.

So.... does it work? Yes... if you put it on. Hehe. Connor didn't seem to mind having something on his head so I guess the helmet must be really light. It doesn't make him sweat or have helmet hair. Connor's play area is our carpets. They do cushion his fall somewhat but he still bursts into tears. I find that if he's wearing the helmet, he doesn't do that unless his fall startles him. I can tell from his cry that he's crying out of shock and outrage, not out of hurt so the helmet must have helped. Lately he's had the tendency to stray onto the hard floors so I always make sure he has his helmet on and it has saved him from a few extra bruises.

The helmet isn't a 100% protection device. For example Connor can now hold onto furniture and pull himself up. He slipped once and banged his chin.. fortunately it was on the sofa so it didn't hurt him. But if it was a chair, you can see that the helmet isn't of much help. And if you don't put it on right or your baby decides to fall splat on his face, there's not much you can do.

Did I recommend it to other parents? Yes. Mind you, the helmet is not cheap but I cannot put a price on my baby's safety. I told my other mummy friends about it. We liked the product, it's given us extra confidence that Connor's head is protected while he's busy exploring. And our little one looks like a cute Mongolian herdsman in it. :)))

Check out the baby safety helmet here. They do deliver internationally so if you're not based in Sing/Msia, you can still enquire about their rates.

Connor wearing his baby safety helmet with the Under the Sea print, aged 6.5 months


  1. *giggles* He looks so cute! Sorta like a rock climber from this angle heh... but whatever keeps their heads safe!

  2. That's the first time I hear about a baby helmet! Good idea! But I also read, that they don't get seriously damaged on their brains. Their bones are still very soft and it's supposed to be like that to absorb the bump. My nephew had several falls like your little Connor... my sister could not understand how he could fall even through a wall of pillows! My son had also a couple of scary falls. The problem is that they'll use it right now but actually they won't need it so much until they start to walk and climb the sofa and chairs. Then your little boy turns in one of the cirque de soleil members and he'll climb anywhere. But they usually refuse to have anything on their heads. I'm now able (finally after so many months!) to put a cap on his head when we're outside. For many months I had to give up and just put so much sun lotion as I could in his head...

    I'll double check in the internet to read a bit more about that helmet!

    He looks soooo cute!

  3. PB: He still manages to bonk his head here and there. Knocked his forehead once and had this lebam that lasted for days. Boys will be boys.

    Cris: Connor tried to climb up his toy abacus. Sigh. I have no idea how more to protect him... esp living in the tropics with the hard floors and no wall-to-wall carpeting. Maybe I'm overdoing it but I can't bear to hear the sound of his head thunking again.

  4. What next? An air filled plastic bubble to crawl around in? *lol*

  5. You are right to cringe when he hits his head. U.S. doctors are saying that alot of early childhood learning problems stem from these falls. The shell that covers their brains is as thick as a fingernail. When it breaks it can damage certain areas of the brain and cause many problems later on. Go to as they have the best helmets and they were the first to create this protection. Your baby's head is worth $30.00 or not??

  6. Safety helmets were made back in the 17th century. Mothers made them out of horse hair and layers of cotton. As mothers we have always known how dangerous traumatic falls can be. The problem is we never know when that is going to happen. It is only common sense to protect the most vulnerable area of a child's body. Once the shell breaks, it goes into the brain and those cells can die causing early learning problem. I personally will forgo a night out to the movies that will pay for this helmet. Occupation - Nurse in the ER Look for the brand called Baby No Bumps..we even have them on the children's ward here at the hospital