Friday, June 19, 2009

Dream Kiddy Furniture

I have a thing for furniture. However, I'm artistically-challenged and have absolutely no eye for art/design. But I love, love, love mid-century furniture and often daydream of my perfect house filled with nothing but mid-century classics, sadly accompanied by a sub-zero bank balance.

It so happens Dear Hubby is away in Singapore this weekend for a follow-up check on his back and I had nothing to do after putting Connor to bed. So I browsed online. One click led to another and I stumbled upon bohaute's post about modern furniture for children that's available at Little Nest.

OH MY GAWD. I nearly wet myself when I saw the furniture. I would do anything to have a Little Bert for my Little Monkey. And not just because Mummy is considering erm... forcefully persuading Daddy to buy the big Berts barstools for our new apartment in KL. Wouldn't it be so cute... matchy-matchy Mummy & Son furniture? We already do the matchy-match Mummy & Son Liverpool FC jerseys!

Unfortunately, I'm sure it would cost us a fortune to have it shipped all the way from Australia so I guess we'll just have to er... move there.



  1. Hehehe! I'm sure moving to Aus is not too bad an idea.

    Little Bert doesn't look very comfy for a little kid, though... but very 1950s/60's?

  2. Tsu Lin: At those prices, he'd better like the chair... comfy or not! LOL I love the look from that period.