Thursday, June 18, 2009

Not so easy to fool a baby

Connor is obsessed with our handphones. If he ever spies one, he'll drop all his other toys and speed-crawl over to the phone. After a minute or two of turning it over and over, he'll then do his favourite thing - put it into his mouth for a suck. I've bought him toy handphones but he won't have them, he knows they're not the real thing.

We tried keeping away our phones from him but it's incredible how eagle-eyed a 7-month-old can be. So Dear Hubby decided that we would trick him. His old Blackberry has just gone kaput so he dangled it invitingly in front of Connor one night. To our surprise, Connor just glanced at it and then continued playing with his toy. Mistake Number One - we'd forgotten how forbidden fruit always tastes better.

So we pretended to leave it somewhere and when he picked it up, we pretended to yell, "No, no!" at him. It seemed to work because Connor then snatched at the Blackberry with glee. But then we made Mistake Number Two. No sim card.

Connor saw right away this phone didn't light up or make sounds when he held it and whaddayaknow? He chucked it right away and went back to his toy.

It's a lot harder than you think to fool a baby.


  1. your anak very clever hor... memang sah you can throw away that frozen placenta in the fridge... it's not a smart placenta!

  2. Roy: We thought it was so funny. I guess we should give babies more credit.