Thursday, June 25, 2009

Happy Father's Day: Behind the scenes

This is what really happened

It was sheer luck that I managed to get a shot of the entire Father's Day message. Connor was hell-bent on shredding the paper. I was *this* close to losing my patience and giving up.

I'm glad I didn't because the look of surprise and delight on Dear Hubby's face was just wonderful. My husband, who was brought up in Liverpool, will tell you that those 4 other lads from Liverpool got it right when they said that money can't buy you love.

It was a great day.


  1. the 4 lads also said love is all you need.

    we ought to meet someday & have a laugh over football, UK & (seriously) why i'm so happy for you.

  2. KH: But where in the world are you? LOL I can't keep up with your moves!
    Thank you... I know that you mean it when you say you're happy for me. Come say hi to my little boy one day. Will be nice to catch up over coffee again.

  3. hi there..i found your blog from the blog catalog and u hv such a cute baby! Are u in jakarta now?

  4. Real Woman: Hiya.. thank you! :) Yes, am still in Jkt. I see you like Bag Snob and Purse Blog.. two of my faves as well. LOL