Friday, June 26, 2009

RIP The King of Pop

I grew up in a time when the new Michael Jackson video was something to really look forward to. I have memories of playing to death the Thriller video that my aunt brought back for me, cowering behind pillows each time the zombies came out to dance. I was living in my little hometown then and we only had RTM1 and RTM2 in those days. But she lived in KL and they had... *deng, deng!*... TV3 and it had Muzik TV hosted by the one and only Patrick Teoh... and Muzik TV showed Thriller. And Beat It. And Billie Jean.

I'm not a huge, huge fan but he was certainly *the* King of Pop as far as I'm concerned. RIP MJ.

We in Malaysia will always honour your memory with this drink... the Michael Jackson! Yaaaaaaaaaaaamseng!!!

The Michael Jackson drink = soya bean milk + dark jelly (cincau). You can order this in many shops across Malaysia and no one will look at you funny, it's been around for years.

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