Sunday, July 19, 2009

Back to normal in Jakarta post bombing

Looks like we're all going about our business like nothing's happened. We went out for lunch at an Italian restaurant on Sunday and it was quite full. You'd never guess that bombs had just gone off in our city just last week.

We've decided to stay put in Jakarta. Here in Kemang, life seems to be going on as normal. I just want to say that in my year here in Jakarta, I've come to the conclusion that most Indonesians are very friendly, very warm and quite, quite tolerant. Some people may read in the papers "...most populous Muslim country in the world" and think "Uh-oh! Millions of terrorists!" And if your idea of a terrorist is someone in Muslim dress, well have I got news for you - they're not common here in Jakarta. I see more covered heads walking the streets of KL than I do here. And unlike Malaysia, the population isn't exactly divided into Melayu, Cina, India dan lain-lain and given their religion based on ethnicity. (Here, you. Melayu. Okay.. Islam. You.. Cina. Okay... Buddhist) That's why I never realised Wahyu from Dear Hubby's office is actually a Christian. I felt very silly when I realised I'd done the Malaysian thing and simply assumed he was Muslim based on his name and appearance.

Everyone I've met has greeted me with a friendly Hello or a smile and I've never had any problem because I'm an Asian married to a white man. They may not speak fluent English or any English at all but you have no doubt about their friendliness.

I would really like to go to Mega Kuningan to have a look at the hotels but I don't think I can with a baby in tow. This isn't the first time and this won't be the last. As long as people are feeling left out of progress and being forced to do things just one way, there will be more attacks.


  1. I've read your entire interesting blog. really like your rambling hehe.
    I totally appreciates these positive view of indonesia and jkt.
    Ain't no place for terrorist in indonesian soils! Glad to see everything just being normal.
    Thanks for sharing and May God bless you and your lovely son.

  2. Hi Ical, I am proud to see the Indonesian people sending out a strong msg to the terrorists that they will not be frightened. And I thought that since I am living here, I can help set the record straight if anyone should think Jkt is just teeming with terrorists when it's not.

    I'm glad you enjoyed my blog... thank you for taking the time to let me know. It means a lot to me.

  3. Dear Mrs Top Monkey. I like the blog and especially this post. I'm happy to see how you appreciate and understand the difference between Malaysian and Indonesian culture. I'm an Indonesian living in Singapore and a mom of a 1 year old baby. Might link u up sometime. Take care in Jakarta and may God bless you and your family.

  4. Turike: Hi, thanks for stopping by. I have enjoyed learning the diff between our 2 countries. I'm still learning and appreciating it. It's almost like home but different enough for me to find it interesting. Do say hi if you come back to Jkt for a holiday... take care.