Sunday, July 19, 2009

My fave pic of me and Connor so far

Mrs Top Monkey & Baby (8 1/2 months)

This was taken yesterday and was a candid shot. Dear Hubby then used Adobe Photoshop to edit the image... it's amazing the amount of detail the camera captured. It's my favourite shot so far of the two of us. I'm not photogenic so we've had many, many shots where baby looked utterly adorable and mummy didn't.


  1. ooohh ... lurve this pic .... daddy monkey is getting very pro at this photo thingy :)

  2. Wow!! Looks like this picture belongs on the cover of "Mommy" magazine! EXCELLENT!!

    Have you gotten around to emailing me yet? *s*

  3. Shortcake: ya, I was so impressed with Daddy's skills!

    NightHawke: I did! I did!