Sunday, July 5, 2009

Grandma was here

We flew my mum over from Malaysia last Sunday. Dear Hubby was going off to Balikpapan for a week and we thought it would be a good idea for mum to come over so that I would have some company. It turned out to be a GREAT idea.
I actually got some time to have proper showers and could wash and dry my hair properly. I could even sneak away to browse a little. I only cooked her dinner on the first night. The rest of the week, it was good ol' Mum's cooking. Yum, yum!

I'm not sure who enjoyed the experience most. Me - who got some time off. Or Mum - who got to spend time with her grandson. Maybe Connor - who found someone willing to carry him 24 hours.

It's uncanny how Connor knew how to exploit the situation to the fullest. I don't walk/rock him to sleep because I don't want to make it a habit. But Grandma, being Grandma, willingly rocked him to sleep the whole week. So Connor would turn to me first for some breastmilk and when he got himself all nice and sleepy, would turn to Grandma since he knew she's that nice lady who would walk round and round the hall with him. I was half-annoyed and half-amused that my son, who now doesn't really like anybody but his parents to carry him, was so quick to size up the situation and work it to his advantage.

I think my mum did have a nice time. She got to enjoy being a little tai-tai while she was here. She even got to enjoy a spa session... it was her birthday present from me brother and me. And I think she absolutely loved showing Connor off and lapped up all the "Lucu banget!" remarks she got.

She and Dad are planning to come over end of this year to stay for a bit but I hope to be back in Malaysia for a visit before that.

Thanks for everything, Mum. :))

Connor with Por-por at the main door to our house just before she had to leave for the airport.


  1. How lovely! Beautiful baby-boy!

  2. Cris: My mum called earlier today to let me know she's all safe in Malaysia and to tell me she had a wonderful time. :)) I was so happy to hear that.