Sunday, July 26, 2009

RIP Yasmin Ahmad - a true anak Malaysia

I'm not a religious person but when I first read about her collapse from a stroke on Thurs, I prayed and prayed for her recovery. This is director who gave us all those memorable and touching Petronas ads. I remember looking forward to her ads each festive season. All of them made me cry. Imagine crying over the ad for the national petroleum company. No other ad had that power.

Her ads depicted the Malaysia we all dreamed of - one where we were all equal and as one, without regards to colour or religion. So did her films. They reminded us again of the simple, basic things in life - love, faith, friendship, hope.

But she passed away late last night. I've only just seen the news because we were out the whole day. I'm just stunned at the news. She was the most wonderful thing to happen to Malaysian film for a long time and she's gone? I can't believe it.

RIP Yasmin... thank you for gracing our lives.

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  1. I'm gonna miss those touching petronas ads. Not to mention the movies ... Sepet, Gubra, Muallaf, Talentime ... now no more lohhh ... *sniff* let's resonate her message; One Malaysia!