Monday, July 27, 2009

Yasmin Ahmad, in remembrance - Tan Hong Ming's Love

Still in mourning for Yasmin Ahmad... her passing just made me so sad.

Hands up all you Malaysians who can remember Tan Hong Ming's Love. In a country where we are still divided along racial lines, this sweet, sweet ad of a Chinese boy with a humongous crush on an adorable Malay girl won the heart of the nation.

We all talk and talk about our racial harmony but in reality, we're still divided into our own racial camps. Everyone knows it. Nobody dares talk about it. Except Yasmin Ahmad who showed us that race doesn't have to matter, shouldn't have to matter.

This is why the ad spoke so powerfully to us Malaysians.

This is why I'm still mourning her passing.

Why did she have to die young and the cockroaches in our political system live on and on?


  1. I LOVE that ad and I love all the Petronas Ads she made. They were the only ads I'd ever look out for. The reason cockroaches live on is because cockroaches have been around since the dawn of time and are indestructible. Pity. Some could do with some destruction. RIP Yasmin.

  2. PB, I wonder what the political equivalent of Ridsect is. Or... even better.. a big heavy boot.. STOMP!