Saturday, August 15, 2009

Connor is 9 months old!

How about that? My little boy has now spent as much time out of me as he had in me! :))

Before he was born, I entertained visions of us sitting together, he snuggled into my lap, listening attentively as I read him stories. The reality is my son is more than a Little Monkey, he is monkey + octopus + cheetah + whatever.... How a crawling baby can outpace me, I don't know. Especially when there is something forbidden at stake like oh... climbing the stairs.

Though he can't talk yet, it's quite obvious he's understanding things. I was delighted when I asked him one day "Where's Daddy?"and Connor immediately looked around at Dear Hubby. Compare this to when he was much younger and he'd look at Dear Hubby blankly each evening we went to greet Dear Hubby at the door when he came home from work.

His attention span is also increasing to the point that I can actually read books to him but they have to be lift-the-flap books so that he can do something. He doesn't really like books where he can't do anything with them. He'll just wriggle off my lap then and go do something he likes... like pull out Daddy's precious collection of Sandman graphic novels out of the bookshelf.

We're still waiting for teeth even though Connor has been displaying signs of teething off and on since he was 3 months old. LOL My driver told me that it is Indonesian folk belief that babies who stand early will teethe late and vice versa. Well, it's looking to be true in this case!

However, we think we'll have an early milestone to look forward to and we're quite excited about it. Connor's been standing and walking while holding onto furniture since 6.5 months or so and lately, he's been displaying signs that he's ready to try the biggie - WALKING!

He'll crawl over to me, deliberately stop a few paces before me, stand and then attempt to totter the rest of the way. He can't get it yet because he can't figure out how to balance himself on one foot and transfer his weight correctly so he just goes a step or two and then drops back down on all fours. But we're delighted he's ready to try and we're encouraging him as much as we can.

It's just great watching him grow and develop. I can't wait for his birthday.... we'll prob keep it simple because I'll have my hands full trying to keep him from sticking his busy little hands into the birthday cake.

Aloha! Connor with a flower in his hair, a gift from the neighbourhood little girls. Photo taken 16 Aug 2009, age 9 months


  1. No dear you want to do the whole mickey mouse #1 shaped cake that leaves you wondering how you're ever going to finish it and invite all and sundry! That's so you have photos to look back at :D Hmm... maybe that would be time to visit Jakarta hor...

  2. PB: Aiyo... that will mean cake everywhere. He's rarely seen cake so it will be sure to fascinate him and scream STICK YA HANDS HERE! to him. I'm kinda hoping we'll be back in KL year end so we can celebrate there and have friends and family over. That will be fun. I pwomise he won't cry when he sees you.