Saturday, August 15, 2009

Come on you Reds!

It is here. The 09/10 Barclays Premier League season is upon us. I have even managed to shed enough baby weight to fit back into my Liverpool jersey - Shankly be praised!

By rights I should be rejoicing that footie is back on telly. By footie, I mean Liverpool FC footie. I don't do other teams or other leagues. There can only be ONE team for me.

And it must be my bad karma or something but I happen to live in a country where they still can't hammer out who gets the rights to the live football screenings even though the season started yesterday. ARGH. TVOne gets to screen a few matches but they usually get the little ones like erm... Hull City vs Wolves. No disrespect lads but I really, really only want to watch my men in red.

As of yesterday, we still don't know who will get the rights. So we're holding off renewing our cable until we know which provider gets the footie. No point subscribing to a provider who can't show footie. I don't know what we'll do if they can't iron this out... fly back to KL on weekends to catch it on Astro? Hehe. Say what you want about Ananda Krishnan and monopoly but at least I know that when the new season starts, I'm SURE to get my footie fix.

Every football pundit on Football Focus has written us off since they figure we can't do anything without Xabi Alonso. Hang on... I thought we were a one-man team and our one man was Stevie G? You fickle-minded pundits, you!

But since they've written us off, this can only mean one thing. We're going to win it this year. Every time they tip us as strong contenders, we don't do a thing. Since they think we have no chance at all, it therefore logically follows that we will win it.

YNWA... come on Redmen!

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