Thursday, September 10, 2009

How to teach your baby to drink from a sippy cup in 5 seconds

Follow my method for instant success. Ditch those Gina Ford books. They're useless.

Step One: Take baby out with you for a pub meal when baby is at crankiest and attempt to pacify your baby with a sippy cup to play with
Step Two: Fill sippy cup with Coke (the fizzy drink, not the powder)
Step Three: Offer sippy cup to your baby
Step Four: Glance at your watch and realise that in approximately 5 seconds, your wee one quickly masters the Art of Drinking From Sippy Cup.... something that you've tried over and over again to teach him with no success when same sippy cup is filled with healthy water/baby juice/milk.
Step Five: Repeat to thyself: I am a bad mother, I am a bad mother, I am a bad mother
Step Six: The hell with it. Enjoy your pub meal... half a roast chicken, lovely chips, vege, stuffing.. all for £7.50++... and the rest of your pint of Coke.

And that is Sippy Cup Training in 5 Seconds by the Top Monkey family.


  1. LMAO...that's hilarious! Conjures up a vague reference to "..the ends justify the means.." :D

    you have to post up a pic of Connor and his sippy cup - methinks that will look adorable!!

  2. beetrice: At the mo, all I was thinking was "Oh god, everyone's going to think I'm such a bad mother for giving him Coke." But it kept him quiet AND now he knows how to drink from his sippy cup. LOL