Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Back home in Jakarta at last

Home at last. Our trip home = 45min drive Liv-Man + 7hr Man-Dubai + 4hr stopover in Dubai + 7hr Dubai-Jakarta + 30min wait for luggage + 3hr Soekarno-Hatta to home.

Makes me tired all over again just to type that.

I am now dealing with a 10-month-old whose body is still on UK time. Last night I watched wearily as he toddled delightedly around our hall in giant circles over and over again till 11:30pm. He finally crashed out at midnight but I couldn't sleep as I'd downed one mug of tea too many. So I laid there on our bed staring at the ceiling all night long. I heard the azan for the dawn prayer sung out from the neighbourhood musholla. I heard the birds twittering as the sun rose. THEN I fell asleep.

When my phone rang, it was... erm.... YIKES.... 11:30am. Connor was still snoring. After a rather disjointed convie with the hubby, I fell back asleep and we finally woke up at 1:30pm. Oops.

It's now 5:15pm here. Connor's taking a short nap now and will have dinner when he wakes up. And please, please, please God... let him go back to sleep at 8pm like he normally does. Tenkiu.


  1. happy birthday, mrs TM!



  2. KH: Aww.. thanks, very nice of you to remember! :))