Tuesday, October 20, 2009

That thing you do! - Stuff a baby boy can get up to

In no particular order...

1. He loves splashing around in his tub and the pool so I guess what happened last weekend was just something inevitable - he stuck his hand into the toilet bowl for a splash.

2. He's got a shoe fetish. He loves his Daddy's shoes and will play with them each morning as Daddy's putting them on and getting ready for work. When I bought a new pair of Converse shoes, he walked round and round the hall with them, dangling them from the laces.

3. His new favourite activity is to open up the trash bin and take out the topmost bit of trash and put it somewhere in the hall.

4. One of the channels on our tv isn't set to any frequency so it's just noisy static. Connor loves walking up to the tv and pressing the various buttons on it. He's managed to change it to the static channels more than once and it usually gives him a HUGE fright and he runs away crying. It's quite funny to watch actually.

5. He does this "windsurfing" pose while hanging onto his V-tech toy and you guessed it - topples over, toy and all, and goes BOINK on the carpet. Cue loads of tears.

6. He can't stop playing with our handphones. He once wiped out Rp70,000 worth of talktime on my phone because I forgot to lock it, I don't know what he did or who he called. Then last week, he sent Auntie Mei blank SMSes and called his Daddy 3 times.

7. I used to drink his leftover juice until one day, I put on me glasses and saw bits of stuff floating about in it... he'd obviously been erm... recycling his food into the juice. YUCK.

8. I used to wonder why he would put his face close to the water when he's sitting in his bathtub. I thought he was looking really closely at the plug because I knew he was fascinated by the plug. Then one day he looked up at me with bubbles all over his mouth and some water drooling out the side of his mouth (because he had this HUGE grin) and I realised that he'd been drinking the bath water.

9. He'll vigorously resist being kissed by/kissing us but put him in front of a mirror and boy, just watch him rush to it with shrieks of glee and kiss his reflection repeatedly. Syiok sendiri je.

10. He's just learnt to take his diapers off. That's SO annoying especially when he's pooed and I've stripped him off to take him into the shower to hose him down. Then he'll run away, give me a cheeky grin and take his diaper off before I can catch him and run away again with a diaper full of poo hanging loose between his thighs. ARGH.


  1. Great list, they all made me smile especially the drinking of the bath water. Our little one used to make huge slurping noises whilst doing it and then look up with such a huge smile on his face.
    Aduuh, must get back to the match!

  2. Rob: I wish mine did then I would have known much earlier he was drinking bath water! LOL Little ones... they really do your head in, don't they!