Sunday, October 18, 2009

The week's update

I haven't been posting much because Connor was sick this week. He caught a cold and has been sniffly and snotty all week. Off we went to the doctor who prescribed Connor a syrup for his runny nose. Connor, being an absolute drug junkie, was thrilled to have this new bright orange liquid to sip 3 times a day after meals. He even licked his lips and went "Mmm-mmm!" the first time he had it. I knew we wouldn't have a problem with it because he was exactly the same when we first fed him Calpol for his teething pains.

Other than his runny nose, it's hard to tell that he's sick because he's still jumping around like the little monkey he is. The only sign that he's not 100% well is that he's refusing most of his foods including his favourite yoghurt and only wants breast milk.


Despite being sick, he's finally learnt how to climb up onto the sofa. It's also because he's finally tall enough to swing his leg up onto the seat. Now I really can't leave him alone anymore with his toys. It's not that he doesn't know how to get off the sofa, we taught him from early on to slide off the sofa legs first. It's that once he's on the sofa, he forgets he's not on the carpet and sometimes tumbles off.

Thank god for IKEA carpets.


Bloody balloon. Those of you who watched our match vs Sunderland will know what I'm talking about. Wrecked what had been a lovely weekend. Weekend had started off well with a Rp500,000++ purchase of DKNY shoes. Wah, so cheap! It was discounted from Rp1 million++. There's this discount outlet in Senayan City opposite the CK store and we wandered in for a look-see. The staff were awful though. Never going back again.


Weekend rescued by my surprise discovery this evening that I can fit back into my Guess jeans again. YAY!!!! These were jeans that Dear Hubby bought me back when we'd just got together and they're even smaller than the jeans that I had recently managed to squeeze myself into. I haven't worn my Guess jeans since... erm... can't remember!

I danced down the stairs and right up to Dear Hubby who was lazing on the couch. "Look, look! I can fit into my Guess jeans again!" "Ooh! The Guess jeans! Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice!" "Spank me, spank me!" LOL

I thought I'd never fit into them ever again.


IKEA new catalogue is out! Yay! Will pick up a copy when we get back to KL end of this month. I've viewed it online but it's not the same as a hard copy. I'm mad about IKEA catalogues, I can spend hours daydreaming over them.

Since we're on the topic of IKEA, I just want to plug one of my favourite blogs to read. It's called IKEA Hacker and it features hacks of familiar IKEA stuff. My favourite is the one where creative parents put together bits and pieces of IKEA stuff to make play kitchens for their kids, you've got to check it out!


  1. Aww... hope little monkey gets better soon and congrats on fitting back into your old jeans! No mean feat I'm sure :D I love Ikeahacker too - always feel inspired but can never hack anything to save my life :P

    p/s you coming back again? Advance notice pls! :D

  2. PB: Thank you, Little Monkey on the mend. Shhh.. jeans still a bit tight but at least can wear! LOL

    Aren't those guys on Ikea hacker really creative or what! One of my fave individual hacks was this guy who made a guitar amp out of an Ikea alarm clock. Amazing.