Monday, November 16, 2009

Connor's Thomas the Tank Engine birthday cake: Zurina's Cake Gallery

For you mum in KL who are looking for a really smashing birthday cake for your little one, do try Zurina's Cake Gallery. I found myself reading a KL motherhood online forum and someone there posted Zurina's URL, recommending her cakes. So I took a chance, clicked on it and was wowed by her creations.

She is a lovely lady and I was very grateful that she agreed to take my order even though she was preparing for her holidays. I had to pick up the cake a little earlier than expected as she was flying off and for 2 days before the party, the precious cake sat in a cool air-conditioned room and I prayed neither tropical heat nor ants would get at it.

Connor's Thomas the Tank Engine cake cost me RM180 but we were really impressed by the cake. So was Connor! He kept wanting to play with the Thomas bit, not understanding that it was not a toy. LOL I'll know who to go back to next time if I want to order a fancy novelty cake.

So do hop over to her site, have a look-see and give her a call if you fancy any of her creations.

This is NOT a paid review or anything, Zurina never asked me to write about this. I just did it because I realise I wasn't the only mum who was looking online for a cute cake for her little one and thought this might help.

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