Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Everyone's on Facebook!

I've just discovered my ex-biology teacher from my sixth form school is on Facebook. So is the hubby of my ex-school headmistress. I'm now waiting to see if the once mightily feared Mrs H herself will get on Facebook as well.

Suddenly I feel like that day in Form 3 when she was out patrolling the school corridors with rotan in hand, waiting to spank any student who wasn't buried in a book preparing for exams and I was quaking with fear bec the kid who sat next to me in class hadn't spotted her and was busy re-enacting a scene from Lawrence of Arabia or whatever with much gusto... something to do with Omar Sharif and a princess. "Loon... Mrs H is here, Mrs H is here!" "Where, where? I don't see her!"

I quite enjoy Facebook but I'm not so crazy about it that I spend my entire day updating my status and Super Poking everyone else, it's my way of keeping in touch with people. But it is a little disconcerting to have your past just burst upon you like that.


  1. ok I didn't need to know this! This is why I'm NOT active on facebook :)

  2. PB: Aiya... see... you got me as your early warning system! I must say Mrs H still has quite an effect on me. It took just one look at that famous name and I started to tremble. LOL

  3. I agree. Facebook tends to turn successful college students into dropouts within the first few weeks of a semester. Perhaps if we, as a species, saw Facebook more as you do, than the education system would seem more productive. Internet communities are ruining the reputations of teachers everywhere. :P

  4. Ellen: I've personally seen bright kids throw away their future just because of some internet site and/or games. Maybe if we all taught our kids to have real friends and get out of their rooms, we wouldn't have this problem. Just my thoughts.