Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Malaysia set to lose visa-free status in Britain

FOOKIN' SHITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Star reported that we look set to lose our visa-free status starting 2011. Visa fees are estimated to cost RM1,200.

Oh dear.

How do I get meself that British passport quickly! Erm... Let's see if I qualify to be a Brit:
1. I can name at least 5 royals and their partners AND their latest hijinks
2. I can name the latest winner of X-Factor (even more critical than knowing the royals)
3. I can cook a shepherd's pie AND curry
4. I own something from Topshop's Kate Moss line
5. Lastly (and most importantly) I am mum to a simply gorgeous Brit who may well be X Factor winner in 2026.

That's my British passport sorted then.

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