Saturday, December 19, 2009

Connor tries his first nasi lemak

And he loves it. Hehehehe.

Mummy was craving nasi lemak. So we made the drive out to Bangsar to eat at the Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa shop. This was purely because Suzy's in Ampang doesn't open until evening. My verdict? I still prefer Suzy's.

Mummy didn't pack Connor's lunch because I made the mistake of assuming there would be something suitable for Connor to eat at the shop. But all the shop served was nasi lemak and other Malaysian desserts. So that's what Connor ate - sambal-less nasi lemak and the hard boiled egg that came with it.

He's already tried roti canai, nasi briyani (he loves this, ate about half of mine) and is mad about papadums. He had a sip of my bah kut teh and wrinkled his little nose up at the herbal smell. Chicken korma is something else he loves and I order that for him when we're out at mamak stalls. He normally drinks his diluted apple juice so imagine his delight when I ordered him that minuman resmi anak-anak Malaysia - Milo ais.

Soon my son, you will be eating mi goreng mamak, satay and all that is delicious in Malaysia.

Maybe even durian! Then you will have to sleep at Grandma's till your breath is okay again because Daddy hates durian.


  1. Minuman rasmi anak anak Malaysia - I like that! LOL!

  2. Shortcake: In my family, only the kids drank Milo. I remembered being so proud the day my parents said I could have tea for breakfast instead of Milo. It meant I'd grown up. LOL