Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A poem for Connor

You, my son, are the reason I've had to avert my eyes from the Chanel boutiques and instead shop for a toy wagon and blocks from Toycity and set aside money originally intended for lovely bags into your school fund. (Well actually it's your daddy's hard-earned money but Dear Hubby did say "It's OUR money, darling." Teehee)

I Wanted You More

I wanted to be rich
But I wanted you more.
So every time I paid the doctor's bill
I lightly stroked the tiny bulge
That was my priceless treasure,

I wanted to live a life of passion
But I wanted you more.
And since you came to me
I've felt a love I've never known,
Flowing out of me
To you.

I wanted to see the world
But I wanted you more.
So I set aside my traveling
And discovered a world
Right outside my door,
Through your eyes.

I wanted to be carefree
But I wanted you more.
And now I spend my days
Looking at clouds and chasing butterflies
And losing myself
In your laughter.

I wanted so many things
And I got them all,
Because I wanted you.

~ Barbara Nicks

How can a Chanel bag possibly look better than this awesome work of nature?

Connor laughing till he was red in the face because Daddy's splashing him in the pool. Taken last week, American Club, Jakarta.

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  1. great pic of connor and a lovely poem..heartfelt and true.