Thursday, December 3, 2009

Novelty birthday cakes in KL: Belinda Teng's creations

This is a long overdue post, partly because of Connor and partly because of the access problems I've been having.

Anyway, it's about them birthday cakes again. I'd called and/or written to a few bakers while searching for birthday cakes. One of them was Mama Min. She couldn't fit my order in but she recommended a friend of hers, Belinda. Unfortunately by then I'd already promised my order to Zurina.

Belinda doesn't have a website yet but she sent me a link to her Flickr account where she's posted pictures of her creations and they are GORGEOUS. I can almost taste those cakes just by looking at the pictures. I especially like the pic of the Naughty Boy cake... haha! Too funny to eat I'm sure!

This is a little something about Belinda that she has written herself:

A little history about me
I’m a full time home maker after quitting my job in the finance sector due to family health issues. In addition, after many years of living in London, Milan & Rome, it was difficult to move back to KL and having to start all over again from the bottom of the corporate ladder (I graduated from London and lived in Italy for many years as I’m married to an Italian).
Since young I have always loved to cook and bake. So, hopefully, this little part-time enterprise would allow me to earn some pocket money in between taking care of the family!

Con Amore (With Love)
All the cakes I make are home baked, individually hand crafted and a labour of love. I use only the freshest and best quality ingredients.

I hope that all the cakes that I create will help you to mark your celebrations all the more special and provide lovely memories; be it a child’s or adult’s birthday, anniversary, festive times or just a simple get together with loved ones.

If you would like more information or wish to place an order, please contact Belinda at or sms me at 012 2076 368. There is no obligation, so feel free to contact me. If I don’t answer my phone, don’t fret! I could be in the midst of baking or decorating, so just drop me an email or sms and I will get back to you asap!

You may view some of my works at
Again, this is NOT a paid post nor has Belinda asked me to write about this. Her cakes do look gorgeous and boy, they look yummy too! I wish I could bake like a dream but since I can't, people like her are a godsend.
Do check her cakes out and give her a call if you're interested.

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  1. hi im trying to look for an email i can enquire you about.

    I want to ask, How much would it take to make a Red Ferrari shaped car cake, with the inner layer of a rainbow cake, for 15 people be?

    Thank you

    my email: