Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Bye-bye Jakarta, Hello Kuala Lumpur!

Well, this is it. Our adventures in Jakarta are coming to an end. Dear Hubby is being transferred back to the Kuala Lumpur office and that means my days as a leisurely, pampered expat wife (hah!) are coming to an end. Seriously.... where is this leisurely pampered expat wife person? I've never met her!

As we were returning to KL this weekend anyway to attend a wedding, we decided that the Little Monkey and Mummy will stay on in KL instead of flying back and forth Jkt-KL for the next month. That means Daddy will be wife-less and baby-less for a couple of weeks. Which means that he will a) play all his CDs at top volume b) not have to put up with bah kut teh smells in the kitchen c) have the PC all to himself.

Am I happy to be going back to KL? Yes. I prefer KL to Jakarta. I've missed my hawker food and cheap English-language local magazines. I've missed my family and friends. I miss you Toys R Us and IKEA!

But I will miss Jakarta too. It's not the easiest city to live in but I've enjoyed my time here. I will particularly miss having a driver at my beck and call! I've asked Dear Hubby if we could settle for a Proton Gen2 + driver back home instead of the Honda + no driver and he said NO. Tsk, tsk. That man has no idea how tough it is to handle toddler + giant stroller + diaper bag + shopping at one go.

I'm busy mad packing now because we fly back on Thurs... and after that... bye-bye Jakarta! Thanks for the memories.


  1. For one thing I'd probably be able to catch up with you more! I never did get my butt down to Jkt did I? hmm... :P

  2. PB: It's ok, you didn't miss much. LOL I'll be away with my parents first week I'm back in Msia, so will see about catching up the week after ok?

  3. Hi there, I stumbled upon your blog a couple of months ago while googling for something else and have been blogstalking you occasionally since. As a fellow new so-called expat in Jakarta, it's been fun reading/keeping up with your adventures!

    I just wanted to wish you and your family all the very best as you move back to 'civilisation'!

    And I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the store where you got the Stam is in Jakarta...?

  4. Geraldine: I bet you were googling for McD delivery, I'm the top result if you're looking for McD delivery in Jkt. LOL Thank you for your support all this while, means a lot to me that people actually enjoy my writing.

    Yes, the Stam store IS in Jakarta, I really have to write about it. I can't believe I only discovered it 2 weeks before I had to leave!