Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Quiz Time: When do you buy designer bags?

Q: When is the best time to go shopping for a designer bag?

Is it...
(a) ANYTIME is a good time for bag shopping!
(b) During the sales. Gotta be prudent with the $$$ these days
(c) When the hubby has done something SO wrong and is desperate to redeem himself

*leans on buzzer*

My answer is C!!!!!!!!!!

*much applause* Well done, Mrs Top Monkey! You are absolutely CORRECT!!!

And that is how I managed to score a Marc Jacobs Stam bag last weekend. LOL

It's a very gently used, pre-loved Stam. I got it at less 50% off retail price and it was such a great deal that I could hardly believe my eyes. What a funny sight we must have looked - Dear Hubby and I clutching print-outs from a site that taught us how to differentiate a fake Stam from the genuine thing, checking out all the markers before marching up to the cashier to pay for it and then.... our credit cards didn't go through! LOL None of them did! So I had to go back the next day with a fistful of rupiahs to pay for the bag.

Review of the store we went to coming up next... once I get all this bloody packing done.

Thank you, Dear Hubby darling... all is forgiven... love you soooooooo much... teeheehee...


  1. I wish C was true for me, but I'd say A. A girl never needs an excuse for when to buy a bag. Tee hee!

  2. Tine: I agree with you but it's so HARD to get the hubby to understand why we need so many bags. *halo on*

  3. Uh without a C I'd go for A :P now wheres your pic? You got me googling Stam bag :P

  4. PB: I've wanted one for some time but dared not dream bec of the price. This will be one of my good memories of Jakarta! Pics must be later... can't find my digicam now in the packing madness.

  5. I also love MJ Stam! I used to have 2 (black & tobacco color) and my poor husband almost had a heart attack, so I sold 1 on Ebay & keep the other one ... ;-)

    Agree, men will never understand why 1 bag is NEVER enough!!

  6. LNF: Been toting my Stam about lately again, such a nice bag! Next time you wanna sell one of your nice Stams, let me know! ;)