Saturday, January 30, 2010

Connor's Chinese New Year outfit

My parents bought this for Connor when we were home last week. I'd arrived home announcing I wanted to buy him a traditional Chinese outfit for New Year. I remember my now 18yo cousin wearing one when he was a wee lad and looking absolutely adorable in it. Mum said she'd bought me one when I was a little girl but hey, where's the photos to prove it?
Anyway, we found one in the local supermarket and my dad insisted on paying for it. It cost him RM50, a princely sum considering I've never seen him spend RM50 on a shirt for himself. When we tried the whole suit on Connor at home, I'll never forget the look of delight on my parents' faces.
I took a couple of shots this afternoon to send to Dear Hubby who's still stuck in Jakarta and to my in-laws in the UK.

Connor will actually climb onto the sofa and pose when I tell him I want to take a shot. I didn't teach him this so I have no idea how he learnt it.

But he never sits there for long because he can't resist the camera. Especially when I've set it to high-speed clickety-click and he's dying to see what's going on.

He's off the sofa before I can yell out "STOP!" and starts running my way.

The next picture after this is just a blur because he's come too close to the camera. So I have to stop a now over-excited Connor from pressing all the buttons on Daddy's very expensive camera and get him to go back to the sofa to pose again.

Out of the 50-odd shots I took, only about 10+ were in focus and he wasn't having a stupid expression on his face and/or had his bum to the camera.

Daddy adored the shots. So did Connor's grandparents far away in the UK. I thought Connor's would look a little bit more Chinese in the outfit but nooooo, he just looks like the rojak kid he is. He never looks very rojak to me actually. Until I take him home to my parents' and then when he's surrounded by Chinese people, I suddenly realise our son doesn't look at all Chinese. Sometimes I really wonder if he's mine... where did my genes go!

See, Papa... that was RM50 well spent.

Looking forward to the Year of the Tiger... Go, Tigers, go! *roar*


  1. He's soooo adorable!! May i know which supermarket did your dad get it from? I've been looking for a cheongsam for my baby, but can't find any. Thanks in advance!

  2. Hi Grace, thanks! Got it from supermart in our little hometown. Are you in KL? I've seen so many beautiful cheongsams for little girls. Curve, BV II, 1U... those little stalls in the malls all sell lots of girls' stuff but hardly any boys' stuff. I thought we were lucky to find ours. You can also try Tesco and Giant, they sell little girls' cheongsams.

  3. Yeah, i'm in KL. Thanks! I finally managed to find one in Jusxco :)

  4. Glad to hear that... don't the kids just look cute in those outfits!