Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The life of a SAHM to a 14-month-old

Monday while we were out getting groceries, Connor started making a fuss. I know he's now capable of climbing out of the shopping cart seat by himself so I hurried up and made sure I held him firmly. Once at check-out though, he spotted something I'd bought for him and broke into a smile. Pointing to it, he looked at me and informed me. "Banana." Yes indeed.

On Tues, I made french toast for breakfast. I saved the crusts and after breakfast, we went down to feed the ducks in the pond. I think all that frantic flapping and quacking scared Connor because all he did was stare open-mouthed at them. Then when we got back to the apartment, he looked at his ABC book at D for Duck and stared again with the same expression he had at the pond. My son is now scarred for life.

Yesterday Mummy took him to MPH and picked up two Spot the Dog books at 50% off. We also picked up a push-and-pull-tab Thomas the Tank Engine (who else?) book. While we were in MPH, their office phone went off and Connor obligingly said in his loud toddler voice, "HELLO?" Was so funny and the adults around us all grinned at him.

In the evening we went down to the pool. Connor's usually the littlest one there and he can't swim yet so I wade along with him. He's very interested in what the bigger kids are doing though and will make a real effort to join them. But poor Connor - they usually aren't interested in playing with him. LOL You wouldn't either if you were an articulate 4-year-old and a still not-talking baby wants to be friends!

There are a couple of songs I always sing to Connor. One of them is my modified version of My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean. I sub "Bonnie" with "monkey" or "baby". Last week, I was singing it as usual to him while changing his diaper. I noticed that he seemed to be "singing" along. Curious to see his reaction, I sang him the chorus, "Bring..." and to my delight, Connor sang, "...back!" Except that it came out more like "Behhhh!" and wasn't quite on key. But I was delighted that he was singing it ie it was not a spoken tone and he actually realised the 2nd time I sang the same line to him, he had to match the higher note. So he's actually been listening to me all this while!

This afternoon we went down to feed the duckies again. I'd saved up a few days' worth of bread crust for them but they weren't interested. But I realised the fish in the big pond were... and so were some tortoises! Connor was fascinated to see the fish rush and splash for the bread and giggled and giggled when I taught him how to toss the bread to them. That was good fun.

We walked back to the condo on all the grassy bits and he got his shoes wet because he insisted on stepping into one of the little pools the condo has for decor. Frightened the life out of the little fishy who lived in that bit Connor sploshed into.

Later as I fed him dinner, Connor showed me his ABC book and pointed out various objects of interest to me as he "talked". He's particularly fascinated with the aeroplane as he'd seen plenty up close when we flew Air Asia. After dinner, he turned his stroller upside down to play with the front wheels, going "Brrm-brrrm!!!" all the time while I put the dishes away.

It is 930pm here in Kuala Lumpur and Connor is fast asleep. Mummy gets some Me time on the PC before a shower, a read and then sleep.

Tomorrow it starts all over again, there's always something new to discover, something different that he'll do and it's just so awesome being with him and watching him grow.


  1. I LOL at his being scared by the ducks but its so amazing that he's able to associate it with the ducks in his book! Aunty PB is proud of you Connor! And are you at M? I'll prolly be over over the weekend :D

  2. PB: Guess when you're just 80cm tall, noisy ducks can be pretty scary. LOL Yes, am at M... gimme a call. I'm going out Sat though, need to get more food in the house.