Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Daddy's home!

Dear Hubby is finally home. The handovers at the Jakarta office has been done, the new guy has taken over and Dear Hubby flew home last Friday.

When he rang the doorbell, I scooped Connor up in my arms and skipped to the door, singing out, "Daddy's home, Daddy's home!" Connor was just delighted to see his Daddy again. He squealed in delight and held his arms out right away to Dear Hubby who was only too glad to let me handle the luggage while he hugged his son. Judging by the big grin on Dear Hubby's face, I think he was very pleased with the welcome he got from us.

It was nice being a family again. We spent the weekend lazing around and watching Liverpool beat Everton 1-0.... GET IN THERE!!!! WOOHOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Daddy and son went into the pool on Saturday afternoon and had a blast. Connor has gained a lot more confidence in the water because I'd been taking him to the kiddie pool almost daily. But with Daddy there, Connor got to go into the grown-up's pool (Mummy can't take him there because Mummy can't swim) and he was SO excited.

It's great having Dear Hubby home. We get to have our evening "Daddy's home!" ritual again and Connor gets to have his Upside Down Boy moments with Daddy. It beats being alone. Really.

Except for the snoring bit.

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