Wednesday, February 10, 2010

How to market an English football club in Asia

Each year, you'll see a number of English footie clubs flying our way for their pre-season tours. Last year, Liverpool toured Singapore and Bangkok and I can tell you the local fans went nuts. There's a huge, loyal local following of English clubs here which the clubs are eager to tap into. An Asian equivalent of David Beckham would be worth a lot of money - he can play, he can sell shirts and he can help canvass for sponsorship.

While some local boys (like Dear Hubby) think it's a great idea (mainly because we're living here in Asia and high visibility for LFC = more tv time, more merchandise available here), others prefer their club to remain... well... local. I can understand that. If I were a lad growing up in Liverpool, I'd be wondering what some far-away fan knew what it was really like to be a fan.

Fortunately, I have a solution that will please both sides. And I am going to write in to the Marketing Dept at Liverpool FC with my oh-so-brilliant suggestion. Here goes.

Dear Mr Marketing Type person at Liverpool FC,

First, I would like to say that I am a HUGE Liverpool fan and have been one since I was a little girl. I would love to see our club be the biggest club on earth and have a more visible presence here in the Far East. I also realise it's important that the core of our club remain Scouse, remain true to our roots.

Here is my proposal: A Scouse-Chinese mix player!

What do you think?

Mrs Top Monkey


  1. happy new year!

    your proposal would have been more convincing had the photo been taken on a football field. besides, liverpool need to get rid of their american owners 1st. a new chinese owner may not be a bad idea, actually.

  2. KH: At least you never mentioned his "Everton" socks! LOL
    We've been had by those Yanks. Big mistake taking them in the first place.

  3. Aha!
    Just got another LFC fans here.
    Well, we have Official LFC Fans Club here called BIGREDS.

    Btw, this comment is not a spam.
    Cheers from me :)

  4. Naif: Greetings! I've known of BIGREDS, I'm a member of the Red and White Kop Forum and I know that Indonesian Reds always hold a special ceremony on 15 April for our lost 96. I think that's a beautiful gesture, have seen the pics up on RAWK. I'm also a (very quiet) member of MyRAWK which is an unofficial fanbase here in KL. If you're ever in town, do join us for a match viewing... that was how I met my husband. LOL