Friday, March 5, 2010

A bit of everything post

Have some time on my hands as Little C is asleep and Dear Hubby is still at work. So I thought I'd pen down some things which have been in my head lately but haven't been able to because of the move.

My dear friend M is pregnant!!! I'm so happy for her. She will make a wonderful mum. I can't wait to see her tomorrow and congratulate her in person. It's making me remember my own pregnancy and I had a very happy one so I'm wishing her a happy and safe pregnancy too.

Canada won the ice hockey gold! YAY!!! I'm not a Winter Olympics person (clue: I grew up in the tropics) but I followed the Vancouver 2010 Winter Games quite closely. We had a wonderful holiday in Vancouver in 2008 and I'd fallen in love with Canada and Canadians. It's some country. We're planning a return trip sometime next year so that Dear Hubby can take our Little Monkey and Mummy snowboarding.

I'm sure my condo management people think I'm a bitch. That's not a word people normally associate with me as I'm quite easy-going and good tempered. But when my complaint that is filed early in the morning is ignored till 4:30pm (office closes at 5pm) and *I* have to make THREE calls to them while their promise to call me back comes to nothing, am I to blame for throwing a hissy fit? The fact is my complaint was ignored UNTIL I turned into a bitch. After that, management was very accomodating and helpful. So if they think I'm being rude to them, I think they asked for it because the fact is they did not take any notice of my issue when I was polite. I think I'll continue being rude to them because I want to get things done.

Connor still isn't talking. :(( He can say words and he'll play around with the word if he finds it funny but that's about it. He'll amuse himself repeating words like "Da-da-ddy!" and "BananaNA!", giggling away because he knows there's an extra syllable in it and it sounds funny. He's 16 months tomorrow and I'm not sure if I should be worried. Anyway we're headed to the doc for a routine check on Monday so I'll be sure to ask then.

I heart Jon & Kate plus 8 plus/minus a few more people. I started watching the show when I was about 16 weeks pregnant with Connor. The bit that sparked my interest was that their kids were mixed Asian-Caucasian and I was wondering at that time if Connor would look like that too. I don't watch every ep or Google them but I do enjoy it when I can.

I want Sky News back!!! Lousy Astro.

Okay break time over... the little one is up!


  1. If M's who I think it is, please send her my congratulations on my behalf when you see her! :D

  2. PB: Yep, I think it's that same M! Will let her know... she looks good, you know!

  3. Hi, this is M ... hehehe ... thanks girls :) HUGHUG!!!