Thursday, March 4, 2010

Home Sweet Home

It's been 2 weeks of hard work but we've finally got a home. This is our 2nd move since we've been together and I've become convinced that men and women really do come from different planets when it comes to making a home.

Unpack hi-fi equipment. Spend all afternoon rewiring plugs for hi-fi. Sort out CDs and LPs by genre, then alphabetically. Spend more time finding sweet spot to put his leather armchair for best possible listening experience. Try to get PC started. Ignores everything around him while tinkering with PC, cables, hi-fi and CDs.

Unpack toys so that Connor can keep occupied and stay out of our way while we're unpacking everything else. Unpack his mattress so that he can have somewhere to have naps. Organise our clothes and bedroom so we have somewhere to sleep. Organise kitchen. Dash out to get some groceries so that we can have something to eat. In between unpacking, life goes on ie change diapers, make lunch for Connor, offer him juice from time to time, wash dirty cups, put Connor down for his naps.

This is why Nature chose women to be the nurturers of the family. Because if it had been men, it would have been Origin of the Species swiftly followed by Showing Off Who Has the Biggest Stone of the Species followed even more swiftly by Death of the Species Because No One Bothered to Do Something Useful Like Catch a Woolly Mammoth for Food Instead of Showing Off Collection of Clams.

Why men focus on things that aren't critical to living like hi-fi and where to hang pictures when the kitchen and bedroom (the bits of a home that ensure we have something to eat and somewhere to sleep) aren't sorted out yet is beyond me.

We've still got the study room and some odds and ends to sort out but it's good to have somewhere to call home again.


  1. Babe, I'm really glad you're back home :) *hug*

  2. Me too, Shortcake... it's great to be back home. *hugs*