Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Fail-safe Diet Plan

I lost the last of my pregnancy pounds with this diet plan. It's so simple I wonder why I never thought of it before.

I call it my "No Maid Diet Plan".

It's very simple. No maid, no weight!

I decided I didn't want a live-in maid when we moved back to KL. We didn't have time to find one anyway. It's amazing how many calories you can burn running around after a toddler and doing the household chores. I didn't realise I'd lost weight until we finally unpacked our scale and I found some time to put the batteries back in. I stepped on and ta-dah!!!!!!! - I'd shed the last of my pregnancy pounds AND a bit more.

It's amazing. Even with an overcoat on (don't ask me why), I still weigh LESS than I did when I had a maid.

However, we've just hired a part-timer to come in twice a week to do the biggies like the toilets and vacuuming... and sure enough, I'd put back on 2lbs. *sigh* Still less than my pre-pregnancy weight though!

So take it from me. If you need to shed some pounds, just do what I do - the cooking, the washing up, the laundry, some light ironing and running after Connor (find your own Connor though, please...) - GUARANTEED to melt the fat away!


  1. This is part of the reason I don't want to get a part timer - that plus paranoia about security. What sort of part timers are you using anyway? I guess my weight loss is much slower because I don't have a Connor to run after

  2. LOL...can I chase after Connor? :D no such luck at getting one to run after, but apparently (or at least I'd like to think so) walking so much in Spore is doing at least SOMETHING for me.. >.< I'd hate to think I'm killing my feet for nothing...

    going back to your pre-pregnancy weight (and then less some!) is definitely cause to celebrate!! :D

  3. PB: Mine's a Filipino. She's a college grad from Phi who came here to work as a maid because she can earn better wages. I find that crazy. I'm at home to watch over her when she comes though. Excuse me... what weight do you need to lose? When was the last time you were fat eh?

  4. beetrice: For you... Connor is yours anytime! LOL Tell me about it, I was prancing about with delight when I stepped off the scales. :D

  5. Erm... I cannot read Chinese. Anyone can translate for me?