Saturday, March 27, 2010

Who needs a maid when you've got a toddler

As I prepared Connor's dinner at our breakfast bar, I watched him watch his daddy finish the last of the crisps. Dear Hubby held out the packet to Connor who took it from him. He peered inside and shook it experimentally to verify it was empty before he toddled off.

I watched as our son walked towards me from the couch. I assumed he was coming to show me his latest treasure. Instead he walked right past me and to the sink. He opened the cabinet below the sink and pulled out the waste bin. Then he carefully placed the empty crisp packet into the bin, pushed the bin back in and shut the cabinet before turning to me with a big smile.

I was so amazed I burst into laughter. I've taught him to put his dirty clothes into the laundry hamper and to help me load/unload the washing machine and dryer (with me by his side) but not the waste bin so he'd obviously picked that up from watching us.

His little neat feat earned him a hug, lots of kisses and "Good boy, Connor! Well done!" from Mummy.

Who needs a maid? Really.

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