Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Connor can dress himself - sort of....

I'd let Connor wander around in just a shirt and diapers as our apartment gets quite warm with the ac off. It was time to cook dinner, so I went off to the kitchen to cook. I heard Connor squeal with delight when Dear Hubby came home from work so I came out of the kitchen to greet him as well.

It was when I spotted Connor.

"Did you put his shorts on for him?"
"No, I just got back."
"Well, his shorts look funny on him. And hey... I didn't put any shorts on him?"

We both looked more carefully and then it hit us - Connor had put his shorts on all by himself while I was away cooking but had put both his legs through the right leg of his shorts and the left leg was bouncing about on his bum like a kangaroo pouch gone wrong.

It was so funny. I wish we'd taken a picture.

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