Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Yay! We finally have the 2-word sentence!

At last. At long, long, long last. He's finally put two and two together. Or in this case, one and one together.

And as usual, junk food was involved. Just like when he learnt how to drink from a sippy cup.

Dear Hubby had come home announcing excitedly he'd brought home something special for Connor. I thought it was a toy or something but it was actually chocolate. This being Easter, some expat in the office had been giving out choccies brought back from the UK and Dear Hubby had snagged himself a Finger of Fudge. I thought it was very admirable of Dear Hubby the Chocaholic to refrain from scoffing it right there and then at the office and instead saved it for his son.

Connor rushed to Daddy the moment he realised chocolate was on offer. He can't quite say "chocolate", it comes out as "kokolet" and when he gets uber-excited, it just becomes "Koko! Koko! KOKO!"

He took a tentative bite and mmm... it must have been delicious because Connor immediately gestured towards the choccie and said, "More!" "More what?" asked Dear Hubby. And to our surprise, Connor used a 2-word sentence for the very first time, "More kokolet!"

We were absolutely delighted. Even when Connor spat out all the fudge bits and handed them to us after he'd carefully sucked the chocolate off them.

Take it from me, fellow Mums. Chocolate - forms words in your mouth, not in your hands.

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