Friday, April 23, 2010

Connor's new word is...


That's because this netbook I'm using is from Dell. This netbook is also Connor's favourite plaything. I've made him powerpoint slides teaching him his ABCs and other stuff. I've also discovered Youtube is fantastic for showing him things like what a cow's moo is like (just type in cow moo) and is fabulous for Thomas the Tank Engine commercials that keep him distracted when I need him to remain seated.

So far, Connor has learnt how to power up this thing, flip the display upside down (imagine my annoyance when I came back once to find my IE displayed upside down), open and shut various programs by sheer persistence and luck and play his powerpoint slides and videos.

No wonder he's learnt the word Dell.


  1. Looks like we have a potential IT engineer in the house! Bill Gates? Or Steve Jobs protege?

  2. Aiyo tolong.. hope he doesn't grow up to be a geek. I'd like him to have a social life and leave the house someday. LOL