Sunday, April 25, 2010

A funny thing happened today during Connor's bath time

Every time I brush Connor's teeth during his bath, I will sing out "Brush teeth time!" and he knows it's time to open his mouth for Mummy to clean his teeth.

Lately he's starting to clamp his mouth shut each time I want to brush his teeth. I've even tried holding his nose to make him open his mouth but it doesn't work in the bath where he's slippery enough to evade me.

So I turned to negotiation as a tactic. "If you don't let Mummy brush your teeth, then no bubbles for you." One of our bath time rituals is me blowing him huge bubbles and he adores holding them in his hands until they pop. This tactic normally works.

At bath time tonight, the usual happened. Connor clamped his mouth shut and turned away obstinately when I sang out "Brush teeth time!". I warned him, "Connor... if you don't brush your teeth, no bubbles for you. Okay?" He stopped playing with his bath toys and appeared to be considering it. So I tried again. "Brush teeth time!" And Connor sang back in exactly the same tune "No, no, no!"

I can pengsan with this baby sometimes.


  1. Ayuh even with G !!! He used to be so good with brushing his teeth but lately has been refusing it with big big fat fat tears all .. He got so angry this one time he tried to bite the toothbrush's head off... He always tried go grab it and wants to put it in his bottle that he likes to fill up during bath time. So now we negotiate if he brushes his teeth FIRST then he gets to put it in the bottle to play but doesnt ALWAYS work.. I Think they are testing the waters !!!

  2. I solved my problem. I bought him a new toothbrush. LOL