Wednesday, May 19, 2010

All mixed up!

While at the ibu playgroup in TTDI Park, I'd met Baby L and his mum C. Mummy L then asked us both to join her and her son Z at the National Science Centre that Wed, which we did.

While we were there, Mummy L and I were just sitting around chatting watching our sons play. I was commenting that Baby L was so cute - he was, with his cherubic face and lovely curls. Mummy L said, "Oh, Baby L is mixed too. His dad's Malaysian."

I burst into laughter. "How about that? All our three babies are mixed Malaysian-British!"

"That's right - I never noticed that!"

So we three mums got together to compare the genetic wonders that are our children. There's Baby L who looks the most gwailo of all and fittingly so because he has the most gwailo genes in him (mum's white British, dad's mixed white British-Malay). And at the other end of the spectrum is baby Z who looks the most Asian of all (mum's white British, dad's Malay). Right in the middle is my Anglo-Chinese son who looks neither very white nor very Chinese.

We were laughing and marvelling at how different our sons looked. It's just interesting to see the results of the mixture of similar genes can vary so much.

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