Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Mum and Toddler Playgroup in Kuala Lumpur: ibu Playgroup, TTDI Park

While we were at the GIS Playgroup, I happened to mention to one of the mums that I was disappointed ibu was having problems because I'd been looking forward to joining their playgroups. I'd heard so much about them.

Turns out that ibu still runs a playgroup and it's in the fabulous TTDI Park. Ooh, have you been there? There's a jogging track, a hillside trail, a kiddie's play area and best of all, a stream flowing through it that makes for good splashing, fishing and sandcastle building!

The playgroup meets there every Monday around 9:30am. Just follow the stream till you come to a group of mums and toddlers, you can't miss it because you can see the strollers and hear the squeals from a mile away. We turned up at 10am yesterday because Mummy was a bit late. I was happy to see Mummy L and her little boy Z there. It's always nice to see a familiar face in a group.

Connor was a bit hesitant at first especially after I took his sandals off. He doesn't quite like walking on grass with his bare feet as he's not used to the sensation and I guess it must tickle him a bit. But after a brief clingy period punctuated by bleats of "Mummy, mummy...", he clambered down into the stream and that was it.

The stream's very shallow, just covers my foot and the older kids were having a blast building sandcastles. Connor had picked up a large leaf that had fallen into the stream and was using it as a paddle. There was another children's group there, one organised by a church in Bangsar and I got a playgroup contact off them so we may be popping by one day.

I think our little boy had a great time especially when the resident macaques came to investigate a rubbish bag close by and he got to see them up close. For some reason, Connor says "Daddy" when he sees monkeys... not sure why but then again, Dear Hubby IS the Top Monkey! He says a different sounding "Daddy" when refering to his father but only we can tell the difference. So there's my son pointing to the monyet-monyet and saying loudly "DADDY! DADDY!" Oh dear.

We left at 11am, Connor was getting grumpy because it was close to nap time and he was tired. He promptly fell asleep during the drive back and I ended up going for a wee explore so that he could get at least 45 minutes in the car seat. He's not the sort of baby you can put to sleep in the car seat and then carry to a bed still snoring.

For those mums who are interested, do drop by the TTDI park on Monday mornings. We'll definitely be there!


  1. Oh it sounds fun, too bad I work or I'll join you just to have a look at what kids do here ... getting myself acquainted to the ideas of kids around me! LOL!

    Post some pictures!

    And LOL at the "Monyet Daddies"!

  2. Well, when you're on your maternity leave and if you're feeling up for it, you can take a day out with us. And if you want to get acquainted with kids, I've got an 18-month-old you can acquiant yourself with for free! ;)

  3. Does this playgroup in the park still run?

    1. Hi Richard, they stopped it some time back because of the monkeys. I don't know if they've got it back on. But if you do go, please be careful of the monkeys. They can get aggressive sometimes especially when they think there's food in your bags/stroller.