Tuesday, April 27, 2010

GIS Playgroup in Kuala Lumpur: The 2nd visit

Remember how I was worried Connor would get bashed up by the older kids at the playgroup? This is the reason why playgroups for very young children are separated into different ages. Can you imagine putting a 6-month-old who's just started crawling in the same playgroup as my Connor who's now running about gleefully and able to whizz about on ride-ons? Can we all say "roadkill"?

Maybe I shouldn't have worried so much.

There's this ride-on toy at the playgroup that Connor absolutely adores. When we arrived today, I saw another older boy playing with it. Eager to avoid World War III of the Toddlers, I asked the organiser mum if I could go get another similar toy. Unfortunately a class was going on in the music hall where the toys were kept so I had to wait. I tried my best to keep Connor distracted so that he wouldn't want to play with the ride-on but I had no luck. My little boy kept going over to the other boy and whining for the toy.

At 17 months, it's simply impossible to teach concepts like "sharing" and "waiting your turn". My best bet was to distract him.

Finally the class in the music hall ended and I ran out to get the other toy. I came back holding it to find Connor had managed to outmuscle the older boy off the ride-on and was now whizzing off gleefully with it. His expression was triumphant. "It's MINE! MWAHAHAHA!"

So I did the next best thing. I quickly offered the older boy the other toy and fortunately he was okay with it. Phew.

So much for worrying about Connor being pushed about. Maybe I should worry about him pushing the older kids about eh!

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