Thursday, June 3, 2010

Off to the UK... tralalaaaa!

It's here! Our holiday's here!

I'm all packed and ready. We're both really excited about this trip because this will be the first time that Connor's aware enough to get something out of the trip back to UK. I can't wait to see his expression when he realises that we're going to board a plane. He loves planes. (And trains. And automobiles. Yes, he's a boy all right.)

Top of my UK shopping list is toddler clothing. Matalan and Asda have surprisingly good quality baby clothing at cheap prices. He's worn body suits from Matalan from day one of his life, we bought one design in various sizes to last him his first year and these were his daily wear at home. They endured endless wash and dryer cycles and have not shrunk, frayed or pilled. The only stain I couldn't get out of them was mashed banana. For 7 quid for a 7-pack, they are really the best thing since sliced bread. So we're headed back there to look for cheap everyday clothing to last Connor into his teens. Hehe.

My other UK mission is to eat. LOL My mum-in-law's roast leg of lamb is TO DIE FOR and I can't wait for it. Looking forward to eating really fresh salads and lots of nice bread. Yum-yum.

Shopping and eating - my idea of a perfect holiday.


  1. Oh how wonderful. Have a fun & safe trip!
    Never been to UK (only Heathrow when we had to change planes on the way to/from Jakarta). Don't forget to tell us all about the trip (love reading your blog).

    Are you going to watch live soccer game there? Is it Liverpool? Go Reds! ;-)

  2. Thank you! Our trips back to the UK are all about family and eating. LOL So not much to write about.
    No English footy in summer but this year we've got the World Cup. Going to get Connor England and Spain kits. I like the way you said Go Reds... very nice!