Thursday, June 3, 2010

S'long and thanks for the memories, Rafa - YNWA


A Manc! In charge of MY club!!! The club our son will captain one day!!! You're out of your bloody fucking mind!

Rafa, you deserved much better than this. I think our board has behaved disgracefully towards a man who has always carried himself with dignity. I didn't always agree with his team selection (who can forget the website that sprung up challenging fans to predict Rafa's picks? LOL) but I believe he's always acted in the best interest of our club.

I'd like to know which top manager wants to come to a club where he'll get no funds, no backing from the board, his top players are thinking of leaving and all we've got to shout about is our history.

Please let me see Senor Benitez walking about while we're in Liverpool so that I can go up to him, give him a big hug, tell him thank you for all he's done and how sorry I am that he's been treated this way and hope he'll hug me back and not shout "SECURITY!!!

Thank you for all the memories, most of all for Istanbul 2005 which gave rise to Dear Hubby's pick-up line "I was there at Istanbul." and if you hadn't won us Istanbul, Dear Hubby wouldn't have hooked me and where would I be eh!

Ta Rafa la... you'll never walk alone.

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