Saturday, July 3, 2010

Back in KL at last

Well actually we were back in KL on Wed evening.

After a drawn-out tearful goodbye to Nana and Dada (that's what Connor calls his Grandad), we hopped into a cab to get to Liverpool John Lennon Airport. It's not too far from where Lennon grew up and our helpful cabbie pointed the house out to us. It was quite weird during the family reunion where I listened to Dear Hubby's aunt talk about how they used to watch the Beatles play the local clubs and community halls when they first started out. It reminded me of our trip last year where HMV in Liverpool One filed the Beatles boxed set under "Local band" and I thought "Isn't that something... one of the greatest bands in all of music history is your local band."

A few hours later we were in Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam. We had 4 hours to kill before our connecting flight back to KL so we wandered around the shops. I stood and pondered for a long time over the Longchamp bags but didn't buy them in the end.

After a 12+ hour flight during which Connor was awake/fretful for probably 70% of the time, we were back in Malaysia. It is now 1am on Sunday and Connor still hasn't adjusted back to KL time. The first night, he went to bed at 10pm and stayed asleep until the morning. I thought, "Whee! NO jet lag!"


The next night, he refused to sleep till 3am. Last night, he fell asleep in his dinner at 6:30pm, woke up howling at 9pm, ate noodles and had a popsicle at 10pm and pranced around till midnight. When the Ned-Bra match was over (GO ORANJE!), we picked him up, put him in our bed, ignored him and fell asleep to his protests.

From experience I know it takes him about a week to get his rhythm back so I'm not too bothered. Yet. Ask me again next week if he's still acting up. What a good thing we had a wonderful holiday or I'd be nuts now.

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