Sunday, June 27, 2010

That Thing You Do! - Connor and the cat food

Dear Hubby caught Connor playing with Thomas' cat food.

"MUMMY!!! Someone's being naughty and playing with cat food!"

I came running and glared at Connor who was trying his best to look cute and innocent with his fists full of cat food. "Naughty boy!" I scolded. "Go wash your hands now!"

So Connor obligingly did - in cat's water bowl next to the bowl of cat food.


  1. hahaha... how cute! sounds very much like my youngest son... getting closer to the "terrible two" stage ;-)

  2. LNF: How was it with your 1st boy? I can't wait. Not.
    Shortcake: No, it was my in-laws' cat. Now after this incident, I told myself NO CATS!