Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Eye Candy: Who's afraid of the big bad waves?

(I don't know how to rotate the video. I'm looking for programs to rotate it but the one I found was virus-infested and was removed from the download site. If any techies out there can help me out, I'd be very grateful)

This is Connor, aged 19 months old and at the beach for the first time ever in his life. He'd never known a pool so vast and surely never imagined a pool with water that could play chase with you.

This video was shot on our 2nd day in Luz so Connor was still unsure about how waves worked. Tell you what though, he worked out very quickly that he could gauge the size of the waves hitting the spot where he was standing just by looking down the coast. He noticed a bit of the coast where the waves hit first and worked out that if the waves were big there, it would be big where he was too. We only realised what he was doing because we'd noticed he was looking off in the distance and sometimes he would start shrieking and running back to me before the waves even rolled in where we stood. Each time he did that, it would turn out to be a big wave. I was quite impressed by that... because Dear Hubby and I never figured that one out at our ripe old age! It made me think that children learn best through experience because that's how it was for our ancestors. They sure didn't have flash cards while struggling to survive in the wilderness and don't we all learn better when we experience something vs just reading about it? I could have shown him pictures and videos of waves and beaches but nothing would trump taking him out to an actual beach.

We had a brilliant time. Even if it had rained cats and dogs for the rest of the holidays or the stupid ash cloud had returned, it still would have been brilliant because Connor had so much fun. I've had fun on the beach before but nothing beats seeing our son getting so much joy out of chasing and being chased by the waves.


  1. Hiya.. try using Picasa from Google. I love using it, as it's easy to use if you want to do basic fixes on your piccies, can take snapshots and rotate your videos. Best of all, it's free!! :)

  2. Thanks! Thought Picasa only did images. Will check it out.