Monday, July 12, 2010

My mama!

A really funny thing happened about two days ago. Connor normally sleeps in his cot in his own bedroom and he wakes up about twice in the night, needing me for comfort. His last wake-up time is around 4am++ and I normally take him into our bed where he will then sleep until 7am or so. The happiest threesome ever. :)

That morning, Daddy and Mummy were completely zonked out that morning and were still fast asleep. Connor was already up. He must have taken a look around and thought "Right. I'd better do something or I'll sit here forever and no breakfast!"

So he shook me awake and that woke Daddy up too. He called "Mummy, Mummy!" Opening my eyes, I saw our little boy's happy face and beamed at him. "My baby!" Usually he just gives me a hug or says "Mummy!" back.

But that day, he beamed back and replied "My mama!"

Was too funny for words.


  1. How cute, mine couldn't said that yet.. just mamma! ;-)

  2. LFN: Hehe... thanks but you know that day will come, you've got older ones who can actually talk with you, how nice! Connor's saying a lot more words now, had a mini-explosion of sorts. I was so relieved. Had been fretting over his non-talking!