Sunday, July 4, 2010

Sibling rivalry in the making

Got my first inkling of what sibling rivalry will be like if we ever decide to have another baby.

Connor has a plush lamb from his Nana that we call Lamby. (What else?) Connor's not much into soft toys but I know he quite likes Lamby. From time to time, he'll rummage through the bin where we keep all his soft toys and he'll only ever pull Lamby out. Then he'll hug and kiss Lamby all over and come to show me the toy. "Mummy! Lamby!" Aw. How sweet.

Anyway about 2 days ago, Connor and Lamby were on our bed. Connor was having a little morning nen-nen. I'm trying to wean him off the breast but it's taking a long time. Once we were done, Connor slid off the bed.

I picked Lamby up, pretended to put him to my breast and asked Connor "Can Lamby have some nen-nen too?"

Connor just freaked out. His eyes filled with tears, his little face crumpled up and he ran to me, pulling Lamby off while crying "Mummy, Mummy!"

I guess we better stick to Plan B which is a Lab puppy.


  1. LOL I thought there was going to be a sibling from the title :P I guess Connor will have to get used to being kor kor by then - he'll have 9 months brainwashing by then ;)

  2. Owww.. that's so adorable Connor. BTW, I was all excited and so ready to congrat you (I thought Connor will have a baby brother/sister on the way) ;-)