Monday, July 5, 2010

My bro the Branded Goods Guy

I'm not really a branded type of person. I do draw the line at certain brands e.g. Follow Me toiletries, Lonkey detergent (wonder if this is still in the market), any type of wannabe Polo clothing.

My bro is just the opposite. He'll buy just about anything as long as it has a brand on it. A few years ago, he paid really good money to have a Prada phone. It came fairly cheap... as long as you had a SIM card from a Singaporean telco. Yep. He actually drove all the way down to Singapore, paid for a telephone contract he can't use so that he can get the phone.

Once back in KL, he swapped the SIM for his usual Malaysian SIM and would casually display the phone at any chance he could. The day the Maxis customer service staff recognised his phone with awe ("Wah liao! Prada phone!) was the Day of His Life. ???

Same goes with his car. He owns a Toyota Vios and after a few years of driving around, it's still in pristine condition. This is partly because he took my car (which I left in Malaysia when we moved to Jakarta 2 years ago) and drove it to the dusty part of the town where he worked. His precious Vios was left behind in the shaded parking lot of his apartment, only to be driven for leisure. Wah piang. Everything in his car from has to be branded from his GPS to his Toyota Tacoma Floor Mats. Really can pengsan sometimes.

Are you like that? I hope Dear Hubby is reading this and realises how blessed he is to have a wife who doesn't have to have the latest branded goods. LOL


  1. *wince* but then I'm female - entitled :D

  2. I'm not really brand-minded anymore (I'm still working on it) but when it comes to handbags... that's sooooo hard!! ;-)

  3. Hahaha! I won't go the extend of a Prada or LV phone, the bags are my main weakness la ... but I cringe at Follow Me toiletries, dodgy looking cosmetics and pariah brand baby stuff ... simply because a known and trusted brand generally delivers the promise of quality, safety and durability. And if something goes wrong you know where to call, as opposed to let's say Lonkey detergent, do they have a 1-800 number? LOL!!!

  4. PB: It also makes for good reading on your blogs!
    LNF: I know what you mean about bags but funnily enough, the bag I get most compliments on is this bag I bought for about Rp75,000 in Bandung and features the Kellogg's Cornflakes packaging on it. So much for branded bags.
    Shortcake: Yes, I remember you sniggering at Markwins cosmetics. Damn funny then, and now. I hesitate when it comes to unknown brands for baby stuff esp when it's for safety items. Prefer to sacrifice some money for peace of mind.