Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Excuse me, are you Thai?

I was just thinking about how Dear Hubby's colleagues in Vietnam said I look like I'm Vietnamese.

Reminds me of when we were on holiday in Phuket, all the stall vendors thought I was Thai and would chatter away to me in Thai. My Thai colleagues thought the same when I was in Bangkok for work. It's only back home here in Malaysia, the country where I was born and lived in for most of my life, that I get questions like "Are you local?" Eh?????

My Singaporean colleague once asked me "Are you grandparents Thai?" I must have looked very surprised because she explained, "It's because you don't look Chinese la..." When we were in UK about 2 years back, some dingdong lads in a pub said "Sawadeekap!!!!!" as I walked past them. Idiots.

Wondering if the same thing will happen to me in Vietnam now!

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