Monday, August 23, 2010

Off to Vietnam this week

The Top Monkey family are headed to Vietnam this week. Dear Hubby has meetings to attend and decided that we should all come along.

I've never been there even though I've always wanted to visit the country. The reason is I have always suspected my heritage is part Vietnamese. My ancestors came from Hainan Island, China and if you look at a map, Hainan Island is off the coast of Vietnam. I have often been told I don't look like a typical Chinese. When Dear Hubby showed my picture around the Vietnam office, the general reaction was "Oh your wife looks like Vietnamese!" My family name is not very common among Chinese (it is however a very common surname on Hainan) but I've just discovered that it's the 3rd most common surname in Vietnam and is the name of the emperors of the longest-ruling dynasty in Vietnam.

I am looking forward to the trip... especially since Dear Hubby has been talking about how cheap it is to get tailored clothing there! Friends have all said Vietnamese food is great and I'm always ready to try new foods, hehe.

Can't wait for the holiday, I could do with a break!

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